Zoë's DJ set on the 18th

Zoë played the first DJ set of the night last Sunday; she has just emailed me an approximation of her set list, which is below

They can't take that away from me - June Christy
Jingle, Jangle, Jingle - The Merry Macs
Tico Tico - Ethel Smith with The Bando Carioca
Saint Simon - The Shins
I love you darlin' - Michael Holliday
Fine Brown Frame - Nellie Lutcher
The Monkey's Back -Machine Translations
Blues in the Night - Dinah Shore
Jesus etc - Wilco

Vegetables - The Beach Boys
Cow Cow Boogie [Cuma-Ti-Yi-Yi-Ay] - Freddie Slack and His Orchestra
Punky's Dilemma - Simon & Garfunkel
Got sold on heaven - Snout
Hangin' on the Line - The Ladybug Transistor
Gonna get along without ya now - Trini Lopez
Here Today - The Beach Boys

Side by Side - Kay Starr

No Poplounge next week

There won't be a Poplounge next Sunday (the 25th). There will probably be one the following Sunday; watch this space for further news.

(In short: Poplounge probably won't be a weekly event from now on, and will be either fortnightly or monthly. This will keep attendances from falling off too much and hopefully ensure that the night doesn't make a loss.)

my DJ set list - 18/1/2004

The track list from my DJ set this Sunday (~6:15 to 7:15; between Zoë's set and the Talkshow Boy gig):
  • Clag - Goldfish
  • Bilby - Anna
  • FourPlay - Trust
  • Belle & Sebastian - I Fought In A War
  • Blueboy - Melancholia
  • The Field Mice - Willow
  • Interpol - Leif Erikson
  • Crush - How The West Was Won
  • Spearmint - Single Again
  • Jack Morgan (BSc) - Little Mouse
  • The Lollies - Flavah Of The Week
  • Bidston Moss - Death To The MF
  • Ninetynine - Tigerlady
  • The Random Numbers - This Is A Heavy Product
  • Broadcast - Unchanging Window|Chord Simple
  • Saint Etienne - Just A Little Overcome
  • Prefab Sprout - Cars & Girls
  • The Thrills - Big Sur
  • The Field Mice - Let's Kiss And Make Up
  • Black Box Recorder - Seasons In The Sun
  • The Charm Offensive - Middle Hill at Midnight
some chap with long hair

my DJ set list - 11/1/2004

First set -- started before 6:
  • Ninetynine - Kinetic Factory (Keith Urquhart remix)
  • Raven vs. Pet Shop Boys - Domino Dancehall (Babylon Boys Breakcore)
  • Pulp - This House Is Condemned
  • GusGus - Purple
  • Letraset - Leafy Shoe
  • Northern Picture Library - Into The Ether
  • Slowdive - Catch The Breeze
  • Malory - Falling Shine
  • The Field Mice - Five Moments
  • Blueboy - Angel At My Table
  • Lush - Lit Up
Second set - before the Smallgoods acoustic set:
  • Broadcast - Come On Let's Go
  • Eggstone - Sheena
  • Minimum Chips - Bouncing Boy with a Bubble
  • Air French Band - Kelly Watch The Stars
  • Stereolab - People Do It All The Time
  • Spearmint - Scottish Pop
  • Belle & Sebastian - Ease Your Feet Off In The Sea
  • The Mighty Lemon Drops - Happy Head
  • The Happy Mondays - Kinky Afro
  • New Order - Age Of Consent
Last set (between Smallgoods and Live Forever):
  • The Field Mice - September's Not So Far Away
  • The Hummingbirds - Everything You Said
  • Sneeze - There He Is
  • The Charm Offensive - Let's Get Lost
  • Pulp - My Legendary Girlfriend

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Poplounge: Jan 4 2004

Lush – “Chirpy Chirpy Cheep Cheep”
Beulah – “If We Can Land A Man On The Moon Surely I Can Win Your Heart”
The Apples In Stereo – “Stream Running Over”
Go Sailor – “Ray Of Sunshine”
Tiger Trap – “Supercrush”
Tuscadero – “Nancy Drew”
Tullycraft – “Wild Bikini”
Talulah Gosh – “Beatnik Boy”
Busytoby – “Sparrow, Somehow You Know”
Cub – “New York City”
Hissyfit – “Brilliance”
All Girl Summer Fun Band – “Later Operator”
Bunnygrunt – “Wild Summer, Wow!”
Bis – “This Is Fake DIY”
Chicks On Speed – “Give Me Back My Man”
Barcelona – “I Have The Password To Your Shell Account”
Belle And Sebastian – “The Model”
My Robot Friend – “I Am The Robot”
Figurine – “Way Too Good”
Scissor Sisters – “Backwoods Part II”
hollAnd – “Vari-Speed”
Max Tundra – “Lysine”
AGF/DLAY – “The Return Of Us (Edit)”
Alphonse Brown – “Le Frunkp”
Kevin Blechdom – “Oh Oh Oh Oh Ah”
Pizzicato Five – “Groovy Is My Name”
Middle Of The Road – “Chirpy Chirpy Cheep Cheep”
The Blow – “Jet Ski Accidents”
Mirah – “Pollen”

hope you enjoyed it as much as i did!
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